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Welcome to IBT GROUP GmbH

IBT GROUP GmbH is an advanced company concentrated to finding innovative solutions to meet any of your needs in the area fiberglass products and other composites, heating technology, R&D transport & modules assembling. Our projects integrate the advanced experience and cutting-edge technological solutions of the leading world producers and the in-house developments of our company. Modern technologies and application of up-to-date materials became the trademark of IBT GROUP GmbH.

Extreme expertise – we have all the necessary knowledge and more than 15 years experience providing high quality service for our clients. We own manufacturing facilities, to provide and guarantee for our clients absolute control on the whole way of goods production.
Excellent quality – our products correspond to the highest demand in quality. We provide the necessary control from the smallest parts up to the final products by our own quality control team. Our fiberglass products have all the required fire certificates to be used on transport. Learn more
All technology line in one hand – we own all the necessary technical equipment, high experienced staff, knowledge and aspiration to satisfy the highest demand from our clients and partners.
Our staff – our team consists of experts on every stage of production. We design, engineer, produce and supply everything you need in the area of composite production, heating technology, transport, modular construction assembling, sanitary modules manufacturing.
Our brands – IBT Group GmBH is the group of companies, providing high quality service and products. They are: FUTURE, MDC, GEMBO.
Our references – our satisfied clients are the guarantee of our high quality service and products, and our inspiration to reach new heights.
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FIBERGLASS PRODUCTION - Fiberglass composites are greatly flexible material and used in the vast list of final products and industries. Because of the structural integrity, life span, corrosion resistance and the cost of products produced of Fiberglass, it is considered and evaluated as a replacement of traditional steel, sheet metals, concrete and a lot of different other materials...



IBT Group GmBH designs and produces modular construction for different industries and purposes – private and public. Modules assembling are the prefabricated construction for different purposes.

•Municipal modular constructions – public toilets, bus stop, different purposes modular buildings kiosk, outlets etc...

Downloads: Modular Toilet


TRANSPORT R&D –we propose designing, constructing, manufacturing, supplying and delivering to customer the vast range of products for any transport facilities. They are:

•Modular cabs, hood-type cab with interior embedding

•Passenger zones interiors, service compartments, sanitary rooms, train carriage platforms, locomotive cabs interiors, etc...

Download: Design offer Serbia Download: GT4 tram refurbishment Download: Case EP20


GEMBO - the pellet torches GEMBO are the automatic and self-cleaning torches on the pellets. We can provide heating technology for both, private and public sector. It is designed to be applied in the food industry, production shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants, baths, saunas, storage facilities, baking production, private houses with different total area space...




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